AUTUMN: Out And About With The Rainbows

Rainbows welcome Michelle and Hannah

Hannah and Michelle spent a very enjoyable time with Rossett Rainbows recently, the aim being to increase awareness of the importance of good oral hygiene and education regarding the best food and drink choices for children, and most importantly to have fun!

FACT: tooth extraction is the number one reason why age  five to nine-year-old children were admitted to hospital  in 2016

Sometimes we can be misled about just what is the healthier option. For example, diet fizzy drinks although reduced in sugar content still effect the enamel and can contribute to decay.

Whilst we all agree we need to increase our fruit intake, boxes of raisins seem like a good source but dried fruit is very high sugar and sticks to teeth, so its best to keep these foods to meal times reducing the time teeth are exposed to sugars.

However we all have to have a day off sometimes… so on 18th November we are hosting a Macmillan coffee and cake morning to raise money for a great cause.

Straumann Implants with Stephen Kelso

 Prevention as the saying goes is better than cure, but if you are unfortunate enough to have a missing tooth either from an accident or decay you may think your only option is a denture or bridge. Whilst those options can be satisfactory the gold standard for tooth replacement is a Strauman implant. So if you are fed up with ill fitting dentures a consultation with Stephen Kelso may lead to the solution for you.

Hygienist Direct Access

We are delighted that hygienist, Jane Armstrong has now joined our team at Rossett and we are able to accept direct access patients for scale and polish appointments.